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Shades For The Summer

Shades For The Summer

Shades For The Summer

It’s Summer time! Known for relaxation and having fun vacations. It gets insanely hot and we know what that means…the house stays too warm and our energy bills get more expensive. We have found that our Light Blocking and Blackout shades are a great help to our customers during this time of the year. So we went live on Amazon to share why we recommend them, especially for the summer months.

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These are great for blocking most of the light out; as well as, reflecting the heat (or cold) from outside. Light blocking shades feature an exclusive composite fabric with a heat reflective layer for light blocking and enhanced privacy for any room of your home. They are available in Easy Lift and Original Arch shades.  


Easy Lift Pleated Shades are made with a spun lace fabric and backed with a heat reflective layer. The back is coated with a laminate layer to cover the aluminum backing. 

Original Arch Light Blocking Shades are made from a non-woven polyester fabric with a heat reflective layer on the back, that creates that extra layer of protection. 
OR black  

The ultimate light diminishing shades are our blackout shades. They also give you complete privacy. Blackout shades also reflect the heat from the sun and its UV rays. These shades are the best for night shifters or children’s rooms – really any room that you want to keep all outside light out of. Blackout shades are available in Original and Easy Lift shades

Easy Lift Cellular Shades are also made with a spun lace fabric and backed with a heat reflective layer. The only difference is that the shades house the aluminum inside the cells versus having the coating on the back. They are made with an inner cell liner that blocks 99% of all exterior light.
or black  
Our Original Pleated Paper shades are made out of durable paper, which is what not only keeps the exterior light out, but also is what helps block some of that incoming heat as well.

Let’s not forget about light filtering shades – they are still great shades and have many benefits that help keep it cold inside and the electric bills down! We just happen to know how much you all prefer our light blocking and blackout shades for the summer because of their heat reflective qualities. We are always looking for ways to help save on energy bills.

Be sure to check out our previous blog post on the different light controls options we carry as well!

What’s your favorite shade for the summer? Let us know by tagging us in a picture of your favorite summer shade via instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Tiktok!

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