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Redi Shade Product FAQs

Redi Shade Product FAQs

Redi Shade Product FAQs

We recently went live on Amazon, answering some of our most common Redi Shade Product FAQs.

Check out this link to view the livestream.

If you prefer to read, below are the product FAQs of this Amazon Live session.

First, we answer the most common question we receive and FAQs about our Easy Lift shades. Secondly, we go over common questions about Original Shades. And finally, we wrap up with FAQs about our Original Arch and Simple Slide Roller bracket products.

Q: Do I need any tools to install these shades?
A: No Tools required to install any of our shades. You can use a sharp kitchen knife for Easy Lift, Original Arch and Original Fabric shades. You’ll want to use a utility knife for Original Paper shades.

 easy lift pleated
Easy Lift Shades FAQs

Q: What are the differences between pleated and cellular shades?
A: Cellular shades have 2 layers that form honeycomb-like compartments which trap air and help with energy efficiency for your home. The pleated shades have one layer of fabric material.

Q: My shades are uneven or unbalanced, what do I do to balance them again?
A: If the shade becomes uneven, place your hands on the bottom, equal distance apart and gently pull the shade all the way down and then gently push the shade back up all the way to the top. This may need to be done a few times until the shade resets and is balanced again.

Q: Can I cut my shade in half to make two shades?
A: You can’t. The mechanism that controls the shade is located in the center. If that is cut, the mechanism will be damaged, making your shade unusable. Always cut from the ends of the shade.

Q: What depth does my window need to be at?
A: It requires a minimum 1-¼” depth for an inside mount. Note that our shades are designed for an inside mount.

Q: Can I trim the length of my shade?
A: No, the mechanism that helps raise and lower the shade is in the bottom rail. If that were to be cut, the shade would not function properly and will be permanently damaged.

Q: What side of the shade faces the street?
A: For all pleated shades, the front side that faces inside the house has a slight overhang. Side note— If it’s a cellular natural shade, it will always be the white side that shows to the street side.

Original Shades FAQs

Q: Why do my shades seem too short?
A: The shades are packed tightly, which can result in stiff and rigid shades out of the packaging. We recommend using the included clips to help add weight to the bottom of the shade to help them relax. This will help the shade to relax faster and elongate.

Q: Is there anything included with the shades to raise the shade?
A: Original Paper shades come with 2 clips per shade. The clips help operate the shade and keep it at the desired length and coverage.

Q: Do you have these shades in fabric material?
A: Yes, our Original shades are available in both fabric and paper. They come in a variety of light control and privacy options.

Q: Can I use more than one shade in a wider window?
A: Yes, just make sure to have 2 shades and cut the 2 to measure up to the width of your window. Then overlap them slightly in the middle. 

original arch
 Original Arch FAQs

Q: Can I use this shade in a quarter arch window?
Yes, but you wouldn’t use the arch holder.  You’ll need double sided tape to place on the top of the part of the fabric to stick to the window.

Can I use these shades for an imperfect arch?
Our arch shades are designed for perfect arches, but with some trimming it may work.

Simple Slide Roller Brackets FAQs 

Q: What kind of shades do these work with?
A: Our roller brackets work with stock roller shades that have a flat and round pin.

Q: What is the weight limit for these brackets?
A: The maximum weight limit is 30 pounds and can support up to a 60” shade.

Q: What is the minimum mounting depth to use the brackets?
A: 1.5” depth is needed.

Q: Which way do the tabs face?
A: The tabs always face down.

For more FAQs, make sure to check out our FAQ page here. We hope this post about Redi Shade Product FAQs has been helpful and informative. Tune in for our next Amazon Live at 12/10. Be sure to follow us on Amazon to stay up to date with our latest products, offers and more! To follow us, visit our Amazon page and tap the Follow+ button.