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How to Install Original Shades

How to Install Original Shades

How to Install Original Shades

Redi Shade Original Pleated Shades are perfect quick and easy window solutions. They are Always Cordless and require No Tools Installation. Original Shades can be installed in minutes via our Trim, Peel, & Stick method.

First, you will want prep your surface with a lint free cloth and alcohol. Then, you need to measure your window in 3 spots: top, middle and bottom. 

Next, you will want to mark on your Original shade the longest length. 

Then, trim.

trimming original shade with knife

After trimming your shade to the desired width, you will simply peel the adhesive off and stick into your window. 

peel adhesive strip off shade

When sticking the shade into the window, you will press firmly across the width of the shade for at least 30 seconds. Then, allow 30 minutes for the adhesive to fully cure to the surface before operating the shade. 

sticking shade into window

Original Shades can be held at any height with the included clips. Simply gather all of the pleats and place one clip on each side of the shade. 

Check out these videos on installing Original Pleated Shades and using the shade clips.





Original Pleated Shades are truly The Look You Want Without The Work.