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Our Story

Do you remember 1991? Bush and Quayle were in the White House and the Soviet Union was breaking up. Dances with Wolves was in theaters and Nirvana was bringing Grunge to the masses. In northern California, we started making window shades.

There wasn’t much to choose from when it came to affordable window covering, so taping up newspaper over windows or spending a lot of money on blinds was everyone’s go to. That’s when we decided to create a smart and simple, No Tools paper shade that could be installed within minutes. So easy, you just Trim, Peel and Stick!

30+ years later and we are still making this same innovative solution and have continued to grow our Redi Shade product family with many more No Tools solutions.

Many of us who started back in 1991 are still here at Redi Shade. We’ve expanded to other parts around the world and moved our main office to Tennessee. We love our jobs and take pride in making window treatments that make life easier for you and work in any situation.

From bare windows in a new home, to privacy and UV protection, a better night’s sleep or a new look — we’ve got you covered!

A Note From Our Founder

Redi Shade was founded with a clear purpose, to simplify lives through innovative window solutions. Our journey began with a commitment to make quality, stylish window shades accessible to all. As we look ahead, our future holds even greater innovation, and a continued dedication to transforming spaces for the better.

-Ron Militello


No tools is not a pastime for Redi Shade,
It's all we do,
And we do it best.


Our story begins with the Original Paper Shade. A shade that is there for you at all stages in your life for your window covering needs.