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Shade 101: Window Types

Shade 101: Window Types

Shade 101: Window Types

Did you know that there are 27 different kinds of windows? How does one figure out if their windows work with our shades? We are here to help you figure it out! On today’s blog, “Shades 101: Window Types”, we’ll be going over the best window types our products work in and the windows they don’t work as well in. 

Before we explore window types, it’s important to determine how to mount your shade. Although our shades are designed for inside mount, you can install them for an outside mount. Inside mount shades are installed within the window casing, while outside mount shades are installed above the window casing.

First, measure your windows to determine which size and length will be the best option for you. For inside mount installation, our shades require a 1 ¼ inch minimum window depth. If your window has anything less than that, then you will need to install your shade as an outside mount.

For outside mounts, we recommend measuring above your window casing and trimming your shade to that measurement, to cover both the window casing and the window.

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Best Window Types For Use With Our Shades

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Perfect Arch Windows

These decorative windows are usually placed above windows to bring extra light in and to make a room look more spacious. We recommend using our Original Arch Shades to filter that extra light and add more privacy to a room.

Bow & Bay Windows

These windows are commonly installed to provide homeowners a scenic, panoramic view. In some cases, these types of windows can be very long. For windows that are up to 90” long, we recommend using our Original Extra Shades to cover the full length of these picturesque windows. Similarly, for windows that are 72″ and under our standard Original Shades and Easy Lift shades will look great on this window type.

Single Hung and Double Hung Windows

These windows are the most common in homes and apartments. They work great with our products because they’re usually framed with a deep enough window casing to install with an inside mount. Our Original Shades and Easy Lift Shades will work great with this type of window.

Oriel Windows

This ornamental bay window adds space to any home by inviting in more natural light and framing a picturesque view. These windows will work well with our both Original and Easy Lift Shades.

Cottage Windows

This traditional window style matches with any home style, whether traditional or contemporary. It also creates more space and brings in more natural light. Our Original Shades work well with this window type. For an upscale and more elevated look, we recommend our Easy Lift Shades.

2 & 3 Panel Windows

Depending on the size of the window, these windows tend to be wider. Because of this we recommend layering two or more Original or Easy Lift shades to cover the entire width of the window. 


Not Recommended: 
Garden Style Windows

These windows are intentionally installed for indoor gardening purposes. Because these windows have multiple panels with different lengths and usually constructed at angle, using our shades would be impractical. Due to the nature of this window type, we don’t recommend using our shades.

Round / Different Shapes / Architectural Style Windows

These types of windows come in various shapes and sizes and are used for more decorative and architectural purposes. We don’t recommend using our shades for these windows even with an outside mount because our shades would only be able to be cut into a square or rectangular shape.

In conclusion, we hope this post has been helpful and provided you insight on which of our products work best with the different window types. To find out where you can purchase our products, click here for our Product Locator.