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How to Install Original Arch Shades

How to Install Original Arch Shades

How to Install Original Arch Shades

Original Arch Shades are designed to be installed as an inside mount and are designed to fit perfect arch windows. While you may be able to cut and trim the shade for some imperfect arches, we cannot guarantee they will work for you.

General steps for Original Arches 

To determine if your window is a perfect arch, follow these steps:

  1. Measure the width (A) and the height (B) to the nearest 1/4” from the inside of the window casing
  2. If the width (A) is exactly double the height (B) you have a perfect arch window

Example: If you have a window with a width of 30” and a height of 15”, it is a perfect arch. If the height measurement is any larger or smaller than 15” it is an imperfect arch.

Once you have confirmed you have a perfect arch, use the trimming scale on the shade to trim your shade. If you do not have a perfect arch, you will want to follow the Imperfect Arch Instructions below.

After measuring everything needed, you are ready to trim. Using the exact width (A) from the measurement above, position a straight edge knife blade on the trimming scale at the line matching your width measurement, then trim your shade.

Note: our patented trimming scale already takes into account size of the shade when fanned to a full width and the clearance deduction for a proper fit inside your window.

Wondering where to place your cut? With the red instruction text on the left, locate the measurement of your window base to the right of the text (example: window base is 38”, trim at the 38” mark).

Now, it is time to install. Be sure to install the trimmed section of the shade that has red instructional text rather than the trimmed excess which can be discarded.

Adhesive is not recommended for use on varnished, lacquered, or freshly painted surfaces.

We do not recommend using Original Arch Shades for Eyebrow or Elliptical Windows.

If you need an arch shade for these kinds of arches, we recommend looking at a custom arch solution which Redi Shade does not offer. Visit your local home improvement store for assistance with these types of shades.

Below is a video on how to install your Original Arch Shade.

General steps for Imperfect Arches

If you choose to use an Original Arch Shade for an imperfect arch we cannot guarantee that it will work.

  1. Place the Arch Shade in your window, fan open.
  2. Take a pencil and trace, on the excess material, following the curvature of the window.
  3. Remove the shade and with a sharp pair of scissors, cut off the excess material, following the traced curve.
  4. Replace the shade in the window, and mount it down to the sill.

Visit our imperfect arch guide video for more detailed steps and information.