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All About Original Arch Shades

All About Original Arch Shades

All About Original Arch Shades

Arched windows, also known as half circle windows, can be really tricky. They are so beautiful and we love how they show light through them, but at the same time, we kind of want to cover up that bright light that hits you in the face every morning. Then there’s the issue of having different shaped arch windows and finding shades to fit them.

We get questions all the time about our Original Arch Shade, and we want to help you make it work for your half circle window.
Some Of The More Common Arch Windows

Perfect Arch (28” to 84”)

Eyebrow (28” to 84”)

Extended Eyebrow (28” to 80”)

Perfect Quarter Circle (14” to 42”)

Extended Quarter Eyebrow (14” to 40”)

Perfect Circle (28” to 84”)

original arch shades 

Our Original Arch shade is designed for a perfect arch, but don’t fret! There are ways we can help you so that it will fit your imperfect arch. Now, our shade may not work for all the above mentioned arch windows, like the eyebrow or square shape, so you may be better off getting a custom shade made for these types.

For Help With Perfect Arches:

For Help With Imperfect Arches:

You can pick from a few different light filtering options and colors for Original Arch shades. You have the choice of light filtering, glare reducing sheer view or light blocking and for colors you can chose between white and natural.

You can even paint your shades and do other fun crafts with them! Our craft guide offers some great ideas and tips.

For more info checkout the guide for Original Arch shades on our site and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us through our site chat, by phone or by email.