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We Are All About No Tools

We Are All About No Tools

We Are All About No Tools

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Did you know that we are a No Tools Installation company? That’s right! For all of our products, you don’t need any tools. This means no drills or screws. Plus we make it so simple to install you don’t need anyone to help you install any of our products.

Everything from Original Shades to our newest addition, Simple Slide Roller Brackets, have no need for tools.




Original Shades

It’s as simple as trim, peel and stick! Literally all you have to do. Then the clips help you keep them in place as you move them up or down. Original Pleated Paper Shades were made to be your easiest shade to install in your window. They are great for apartments, nurseries, college student dorms, and a house that is being remodeled.

Tip: Although we offer these in two widths, 36” and 48”, you can double them up by putting them together for wider windows.

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easy lift

Easy Lift Shades are made to trim at home with the included cutting guide so you know exactly where to trim your shade. Then just peel the adhesive and place into the window firmly for a couple of seconds and voilà! You can lower and raise the shade up with ease by using the bottom rail. These shades come in multiple sizes and colors are available in pleated or cellular materials.

Simple Slide Roller Brackets

Our newest edition, Simple Slide Roller Brackets, are made to make the placement of roller shades easier than ever. Instead of the usual need to drill to place brackets to hold the roller shades, you just peel the adhesive of each of the brackets (2 are included) and place in your window. Then place each side of the roller shade in each bracket and you’re done! And when it comes to removal….no damage whatsoever.

 simple slide roller brackets

roller bracket

We love the ease and simplicity of being a No Tools company!