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Shade Hacks: For Shade Removal

Shade Hacks: For Shade Removal

Shade Hacks: For Shade Removal

Everyone loves hacks! And we love to give them. We’ve come up with a few hacks that we have found to be very helpful when needing to remove some of our shades. These especially work with our Simple Stick installation shades like OriginalOriginal Arch, and Easy Lift shades.

Surface Prep

For all of our products it’s always a good idea to properly clean the surface before installing the shade. This will help not only to install the shade, but also to remove it. Apply some rubbing alcohol to the surface and then make sure it is totally dry before installing the shade. If you recently painted, make sure the paint is fully cured before trying to install.

Alcohol Or Hydrogen Peroxide

When removing our shades, if there is some residue left behind, try putting some rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide on the residue and let it sit for 10 minutes. Then with a putty knife or a spatula, remove that residue gently so that there is no damage to the window or frame.

Goo Gone

Goo Gone is an oil based product that can be used to dissolve sticky residue. So when it comes to removing your shades and some residue is left behind, Goo Gone can be the perfect solution! Apply the Goo Gone on a cloth or paper towel and then place that onto the residue and let it sit for about 10 minutes. With a putty knife or spatula gently remove the residue.

Dental Floss

A hack we’ve discovered from a customer is to use waxed dental floss and slide it in between the adhesive and the window frame. This should help remove the shade easily without having any residue left behind. If the window this shade is in so happens to get a lot of sunlight for long periods of time, then a small amount of paint may come off. Make sure to have extra paint to touch it up if this happens.

Hair Dryer

To help loosen the glue on the adhesive of the shade, try using a hair dryer. Keep it on the lowest setting and place it right where the adhesive meets the surface. Then move along the length of the adhesive for about 30 seconds. Try longer if you see that it has not heated the adhesive enough. If there’s any extra residue left behind, gently use a putty knife or spatula to remove it.

If you find that one of these doesn’t work, test out the next hack or try some of these together! 

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