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Making A Thanksgiving Wreath With Original Shades

Making A Thanksgiving Wreath With Original Shades

Making A Thanksgiving Wreath With Original Shades

Thinking about making your own wreath for Thanksgiving? Try making one with our Original Shades! We decided to make a turkey wreath. It’s so easy, and looks super cute. Just need a few items from your local store and you can have your wreath ready in no time.


– One 36” Original paper shade in white
– Spray paint in preferred colors (we used dark red, orange, and yellow)
– Hot glue gun
– Glue sticks
– Scissors
– Rope, yarn, or ribbon (whatever you prefer)
– Assorted color foam sheets
– Large rounded styrofoam (flat)


1. Pick out a turkey to draw out, we used Pinterest, but you can also find some good ones on google.

2. Cut out the foam sheets to look like the turkey drawing you chose. Use different colors of your choosing.

3. Shape the styrofoam to the shape of the turkey. We cut out the shape of the legs, head and hat.

4. Once you have all the pieces to your turkey you will glue them to the styrofoam. Let it dry for at least 15 minutes to assure it doesn’t come apart.

make a thanksgiving wreath 
making a thanksgiving wreath  

5. Cut multiple pieces of the shade. We cut 7 just in case. 

6. Spray paint the pieces of the shade, each in different colors. *You may want to cut and spray paint the shade pieces before step 4 just so that the shade pieces will dry by the time you are done gluing the colored foam sheets. Whatever works best for you!

7. Glue the shade pieces to the back of the turkey to appear like feathers. Make sure to really secure each piece so that it doesn’t come off the styrofoam.

making a thanksgiving wreath

8. Once your turkey is all put together, you will want to add a rope to be able to hang it from your front door. Make two holes in the back of the turkey and put one end of the rope into whole and glue it in. Do the same with the other end.

9. Hang on your door and enjoy!

making a thanksgiving wreath

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