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How To Make Your Own Halloween Shades

How To Make Your Own Halloween Shades

How To Make Your Own Halloween Shades

Our Original Shades are awesome for apartments, dorm rooms, around the house or during home renovations, but they are also great for Holiday decorations! We decided to have some early Halloween craft fun with our Original Blackout shades. Check out this step-by-step craft guide on how to make your own Halloween shade.

What You Will Need: 

– An Original blackout shade

– Burnt Orange spray paint

– Black acrylic paint

– Purple acrylic paint

– Black sparkle paint (optional)

– Fluorescent Purple sparkle paint (optional)

– Tacky glue

– Gold sparkles

– Stencils (if you want to add words)

– Paint brushes (variety of sizes)


1. Draw out your design on a piece of paper. Decide on what you would like most on your shade. Pinterest is very helpful to give you ideas. We went with a creepy tree, a bat and a pumpkin.

2. Take the shade out of its packaging and flatten it out to properly paint without creases. 

3. With the orange spray paint spray in an oval shape for the background (to give a moon-like effect). It’s best to do this outside because it is smelly and messy. Let dry for at least 30 minutes.

4. Draw out the tree over the orange part of the shade and paint it black. Then do the same with the pumpkin and the bat.

how to make your own halloween shades  how to make your own halloween shades how to make your own halloween shades

5. We went with stencils and painted on “Happy Halloween.” This is totally up to you if you want to add this part. If you do, pick a different color, like purple to make it pop on the shade.

 how to make your own halloween shade
 how to make your own halloween

6. Optional. Add a little sparkle to the shade. We put sparkle on everything! Black sparkle paint on the tree and bat. Purple sparkle paint on “Happy Halloween.”

7. For the pumpkin we made lines with tacky glue and put gold sparkles over it. This can be very messy, so it’s a good idea to do this somewhere where you don’t care to get it all over the place. Shake it around the pumpkin and then shake the remainder of loose sparkle off the shade


8. Cut out the eyes, nose, and mouth of the pumpkin. This way, at night when the lights in the house are on it will appear through the shade and give the pumpkin a glowing effect.

9. Let the shade dry for 2 hours. After you’re happy with the outcome, fold each crease, pick the window you want to place it on, and peel the white strip off. Place the shade in place and enjoy your new Halloween shade!

how to make your own halloween shade