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Making A Christmas Tree With Original Shades

Making A Christmas Tree With Original Shades

Making A Christmas Tree With Original Shades

Here’s a fun craft project you can make with the kids during the holidays! Bet you didn’t know that our Original paper shades not only provide coverage for your windows, but you can also use them for fun crafts. Today we show you how making a Christmas tree with Original Shades is super fun and easy!


 – 1 or 2 36” or 48” Original Shades (depends on the size of tree you want to make)

– Green spray paint

– Styrofoam balls (as many as you’d like, these will be the ornaments)

– Scissors 

– Hot glue gun

– Stapler

– Sponge brush (2)

– Acrylic paint (for your styrofoam ornaments, I used light blue and gray)

– Glitter (I used light blue and silver)

– Ribbon (I used a light blue ribbon)

– Buffalo Snow (1 bag)

– Plastic pot


1. Pick a size you want your tree to be and begin flattening out the shade. I made mine about 50” tall.

2. Draw out your tree on the Original Shades and then cut it out. I recommend putting the two shades together when cutting this to make the process a little faster.

making christmas trees with original shades 
making a christmas tree with original shadesmaking a christmas tree with original shades

3. Staple the shades together by the edges but leave a large area at the bottom of your tree unstapled to stuff it later. You can also use the hot glue gun instead of staples.

4. Get your green spray paint and spray both sides of the tree. I sprinkled some white glitter after spraying the paint on to give it a snowy affect, but this is totally optional. Give it at least 30 minutes to dry.

5. Meanwhile, get your styrofoam balls, your choice of paints and the sponge brush and begin painting the balls. Before they are dry, sprinkle the glitter over each ball as you paint.


6. Once the tree has dried off you can begin stuffing it with some of the buffalo snow, you’ll want to put quite a bit inside the tree so that it will sit up well. You’ll also want to stuff the plastic pot with it as well. Make sure to leave some for the last step! 

7. Place the tree on top of the pot, it should sit up well on top of the pot. Fluffing the tree can help with upright placement.

8. Warm up your hot glue gun and begin gluing each painted styrofoam ball to the tree.

9. Wrap the ribbon around the tree.

10. Finally, add some of the left over snow around the pot, and voilà! You have just finished making a Christmas tree with Original Shades!

making a christmas tree with original shades

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all, from Redi Shade!