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Decorate On A Budget

Decorate On A Budget

Decorate On A Budget

As we get more and more restless at home during this quarantine, we thought it would be a good time to start some DIY projects and learn to decorate on a budget! What better time to redecorate and have a little fun doing it, am I right?!

Checkout these fun and cheap ideas:

Geometric Accent Wall

Pick out your colors, tape out your shapes (and have fun with it!) and paint! These geometric accent walls give the room such a fun look.

Thrift Shopping Online

People give things away everyday. A quick google search will help you find some great online thrift stores. You may just find your next centerpiece for your coffee table at a steal!

Plants In A Frame

Find some of your favorite flowers or plants and place them in a frame. Gives a nice earthy touch to your space

 plants in a frame

Spruce up your doors with added molding panels. It makes a plain door look brand new and super fancy!


If you want to dress the outside of your house with a pop of color, there’s no need to get a completely new door. Instead pick a color that you like for the front door and paint it! It will surprise you how much of a difference it can make.


You can use these as shades of course, but you can also use them to craft and to cover bookcases, shelves, and doors. There’s so much you can do with Original Shades! If you need longer shades, we also offer these shades in up to 90 inches in length. 

 original shades

If you have a bunch of old towels, reuse them to make yourself a new bathroom rug. Checkout this video (start at 2:09 if you don’t want to watch the whole video).


Have an old table that is worn out and is about to get thrown out? You can reuse it! Checkout Stone Coat Countertops. They’ll show you how to make that table your favorite furniture in the house! 


You can use so many different things to make your own address plate for your house. You can make it out of wood or metal, or even make one that holds flowers.

 address plate

Have some blankets or random material laying around? Cut them up for some new throw pillows for your couch or bedroom.