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DIY Melted Crayon Shade

DIY Melted Crayon Shade

DIY Melted Crayon Shade

Looking for some fun crafts to do with the kids during their break? Or just need a fun DIY project for yourself? Melted crayon art has been super popular lately! You can do it with just about everything including pumpkins, a canvas, jewelry, ornaments and so much more. Here’s how to make a DIY melted crayon shade that you can hang up in a room to display your art.

What You Will Need:

—Colorful crayons (we used a 24pk, but we recommend using a 64pk for all the extra colors)
—Hot glue gun (and the glue of course)
—1 36” or 48” Original Shade (whatever color you prefer, but black and white look the best)
—Newspaper or painting drop cloth (plastic/paper/fabric)
—(Optional) clothespins or the shade clips
—(Optional) cardboard or something else that can hold the shade up to melt the crayons down


1. Measure the width of the window you will be placing your melted crayon shade on and cut the Original shade per the instructions.

2. You can flatten the shade or leave it pleated, but if it’s flat, the crayons will melt straight down. Where if the shade is still pleated when melting them it will go to the sides and down. If you decide to flatten the shade, you’ll want to cut some of the bottom of the shade off, but measure the length of your window first and then cut it based off that.

Tip: Leave a little extra room for the crayons so when you are done melting them you can remove them. This is only if you place the crayons on the bottom of the shade. 

3. Pick the order of the crayons you want before placing them on the shade. Take out any colors you don't want on there, typically black or white and brown colors, depending on the color of shade you decide to use and your preference.

4. Depending on preference, you can place the crayons at the top or bottom of the shade. We recommend placing them at the bottom of the shade. That way after melting them you can remove the crayons and cut off that part of the shade.

5. Use your hot glue gun to place a little glue on each crayon and place them one by one in the order that you chose the colors to be in. You can place them really close together or a little spaced out. Totally up to you! We spaced them out slightly.
6. Pin the shade with the crayons already glued to it to cardboard or something else that will be able to hold up the shade. This is so you can stand it up to properly melt the crayons downward.

7. You’ll want to pick a room you don’t mind getting messy and really cover the floors with either newspaper or a drop cloth. The crayons can splatter. Make sure to also wear clothes you don’t mind getting a little dirty.

8. Once you have everything in place, you can begin melting the crayons. Start on one side and get it almost all the way melted (2 or 3 crayons at a time). You want to get close up on the crayons and follow the melted crayons down so it goes as far down as you’d like. If you keep the dryer too far away it will make more of a mess and splatter a lot more too.

9. After getting them all pretty well melted, you can go back to your favorite colors and melt a little more to make those colors more noticeable on the shade. This is optional. Let them dry for an hour.

10. Remove the crayons from the shade. If you decided to place the crayons at the bottom of the shade then cut off the small area of the shade where the crayons were glued.

11. Then you are ready to place your shade in your window! Just peel the liner from the shade and stick it to the inside or outside of your window. Refer to the instructions if needed. We placed ours with the art showing inside the house. 

Follow our blog for more fun crafty ideas with our shades! If you have anything you’d like us to try, let us know by chatting us on our site or sending an email!

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