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Spring Refresh With Redi Shade

Spring Refresh With Redi Shade

Spring Refresh With Redi Shade

Spring has officially sprung! And, we know what that means – spring cleaning! Cleaning can sometimes be overwhelming – especially such a daunting task like spring cleaning. We went live on Amazon and shared some of our favorite tips and tricks for giving your home that refresh that it needs from the fall/winter season.

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First, let’s talk about organization. Getting organized before you start your home refresh can be super helpful and make the tasks at hand easier and quicker to accomplish. Start with a list of To Do’s. Go room by room and write down each thing that needs to be done. Or, there are plenty of printable lists you can use. Using a room by room list will help you make sure you

 do not miss anything – because we all know there are things that never even cross our mind that need to be cleaned. (For example, your fan, window tracks, walls, behind the oven/fridge, etc.)

Once you have your game plan ready to go, you can start your spring refresh. With the age of the internet (and social media), there are all kinds of tips and tricks to help make cleaning your home a breeze. 

spring refresh  

Part of the spring refresh is also decluttering your home. A good rule of thumb is if you have not used something in a year or more, it is time to get rid of it (unless it is of sentimental value of course). This can be done with anything in your home – home good items, toys, and clothing. An easy way to tell if you should keep or toss your clothing is whether or not it fits and if you have worn it recently. A trick for this is hanging all of your hangers the opposite way. As you put the clothes back on the hanger from laundry, replace the hanger the correct way. Then, you can see what you wear and what you do not. 

During this time, you can also free up some space by switching out your winter clothes for your summer ones. Storage bins for the closet or under the bed work perfect for getting your seasonal clothes organized and out of the way.  


When it comes to your windows and shades, we have you covered. A simple way to clean cellular shades (Easy Lift or Original Arch) is to use an aerosol electronics cleaner can. The compressed air will push all the dust out of the shades and make them look brand new again. You may also lightly dust or vacuum the fabric shades with an upholstery attachment to get them cleaned. For spot cleaning lightly blot with mild detergent and warm water. Our Original Paper shades are also able to be lightly dusted or vacuumed with an upholstery attachment.

TIP: If replacing your shades, make sure to fully prep your surface before placing the new shades. We recommend using a lint free cloth and alcohol to clean the area. Make sure it’s totally dry before installing the shades.

spring refresh 
spring refresh  


Now that your shades are cleaned, it is time to clean the window itself. To help avoid streaks, try to clean your window when the sun is not facing it. This gives it proper time to dry and helps prevent less streaking. 

Additionally, using a lint free cloth is also helpful. While cleaning the window glass is important, do not forget about the window tracks. They get filled with dirt and grime throughout time and also could use a good cleaning. We suggest vacuuming them and then wiping with a cleaner and cloth. 

Finally, take a cloth with some cleaning solution and wipe the trim around your window to get rid of any unwanted dirt and marks. Viola, your window is now completely clean. Either before or after cleaning your windows and or shades (and it is nice enough outside), open your windows throughout the house to let all that stale winter air out and welcome the new spring breeze. Maybe even light your favorite spring scented candle to really welcome spring. 

Here at Redi Shade, we are all about getting the look you want, without the work. So, let us help you get your home ready for the spring season. Let’s welcome that new spring air together. 

Do you have any tips or tricks for your spring cleaning/refresh? Share them with us on our social media! Make sure to give us a follow on Amazon so you do not miss our next live video.