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5 Ways To Spruce Up A Space

5 Ways To Spruce Up A Space

5 Ways To Spruce Up A Space

We have return-guest blogger, Layla Nicholls, with this post on 5 ways to spruce up a space.

After spending months on end at home due to the pandemic, you’re probably tired of seeing the exact same views every day. You might even be feeling anxious from being cooped up indoors.

If this sounds like you, why not start the New Year by sprucing up your home? We might be in February, but it’s never too late to switch up your space. After all, The Huffington Post explains that rearranging your home can give you a sense of accomplishment and refreshing change of scenery. Even something as simple as moving your armchair to a new spot can change the feel of a room.

5 ways to spruce up a space

That being said, here are five ways you can breathe new life into your space:

Install Shades

Just like we previously discussed on our blog, shades can make such a difference when it comes to decor in a room. The color, material, and style of the shades that you choose can affect the entire atmosphere. For example: long, neutral light blocking shades make your place look more relaxing — perfect for living rooms and bedrooms. Meanwhile, light filtering shades make your room look larger, which is great for smaller spaces. Choose the style according to what room you’ll be installing them in.

Decorate With Plants

Aside from its aesthetic benefits, a post by EcoWatch explains that houseplants improve air quality and can boost mental and physical health. Plus, many varieties like the snake plant are proven to purify the air, preventing that “stuffy” feeling from being holed up indoors. If you’re worried about not having a green thumb, there are some plants that are easy to take care of. Pothos, for instance, can survive in low-light areas and can withstand over- and under-watering.

Hang Some Wall Art

Bare walls may look minimalist, but decorating them is perhaps one of the easiest ways to reinvent a space. To that end, you can go for classy art prints or paintings, which We Heart notes are great investments. Plus, having artwork around is proven to positively impact mental well-being and stimulate the brain. If you’re feeling creative, HomeServe suggests creating your own gallery wall — which you can fill with family photographs, sentimental memorabilia, and other prints. You can find tons of inspiration on Instagram and Pinterest, if you’re stuck on deciding a theme.


A cluttered home leads to a cluttered, distracted mind. Fortunately, organizing your home and getting rid of unnecessary junk can help reduce some stress and anxiety caused by clutter. Moreover, The Spruce states that decluttering makes you feel free. Without so many things scattered around, you have more space to rearrange furniture and move around. You’ll be surprised how this can make your place appear larger than it was before.

Add Room Accents

Rugs, throw pillows, and blankets are comfortable additions to any room. They can inject some warmth into your space, but you can also use them to add vibrancy and make a statement. Think rugs in aztec prints, blankets in bohemian patterns, or throw pillows in bold colors. What’s more is that they can be fairly affordable too. Peruse your local vintage shops or even Etsy, and you’re sure to find some good ones.

Sprucing up your house may seem like a lot of work. But it’s also a creative process that you will surely enjoy and benefit from in the long run.

Penned by Layla Nicholls

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