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FAQ: How to install original shades

FAQ: How to Install Original Shades

FAQ: How to Install Original Shades

Installing your Redi Shade Original Pleated Window Shades can be done in just a few easy steps. 

Prep your surface. Adhesive failures are most often due to not effectively preparing the surface. Make sure the surface where you are placing the shade is completely cleaned with a lint-free cloth and alcohol.  
Measure your window in 3 spots: top, middle, and bottom. Next, mark your Original Shade to the smallest width.
Then, trim.  
Peel the adhesive off and firmly place your shade into the window.
Press firmly across the shade to secure to the windowsill for 30 seconds. Allow the shade’s adhesive to cure for 30 minutes before operating the shade. After curing, use the included clips to hold your shade at the desired height.

These steps work for both our fabric and paper shades, as well as Original Printed shades. 


Check out this video on how to install your shades: 

For PDF instructions, click here.  

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