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Snowflake DIY

Snowflake DIY

Snowflake DIY

Tis the season for another DIY Craft with Original Shades. We’ve got an easy snowflake DIY craft for you and your family that will get your place holiday ready.

What You Will Need:

– 1 36” or 48” Original Light Filtering Shade (Paper or Fabric)
– Spray Paint
– Glitter
– Holiday-themed decor
– Scissors – to cut shapes
– Glue Gun
– Utility knife or sharp kitchen knife
– Optional: Spray glue

snowflake diy  


First, using an Original Paper or Original Fabric shade, trim your shade to the desired width. The wider the width, the larger the snowflake.

Pro Tip: If you’re using a fabric shade, use a kitchen knife to trim your shade. If using a paper shade, use a utility knife.


Next, cut the length off the shade to your liking. This will give it a snowflake-like appearance and make it easier to decorate.

Pro Tip: Be sure to test the shade before cutting the length, if the length is too short, it will not be able to fully form a snowflake shade when opening. Trim 1/3 or less of the length for a snowflake with more points.


Then take 3 to 4 pleats at a time and use scissors to cut shapes for your snowflake design. Repeat until all pleats have been cut with the same design.

Pro Tip: Use the clips that come with the shade to clip the shade as needed.  This will make it easier to trim the pleats.

Pro Tip: You can alternate patterns between pleats to make a more distinct snowflake design.


Next, open the shade to make your snowflake design and lay it with the pattern facing down. Place a generous amount of hot glue in the center of the shade and press the pleats to the center. This will hold the shape of the snowflake together. Continue to hold the center together until the glue has dried well enough for the snowflake to hold its shape.


And finally, decorate! We used some glitter and spray paint to color our shades gray and blue and decorated them with a variety of glitter. If you are using spray paint or glitter, be sure to do this step outside since this part can get messy.

Pro Tip: Use spray glue to easily add glitter or other decorations to your snowflake. If you’re using spray paint, place the glitter on immediately after so that the glitter will adhere to the shade while the paint is drying.

Pro Tip:  Glue a smaller shade to a larger shade to create more intricate snowflakes. 


After these steps, give your shade time to dry. This will give any glue or paint time to set before hanging.

 snowflake diy


Lastly, hang your snowflake. You can place your shade in your Christmas tree as decoration. Use fishing wire to hang your snowflakes from the ceiling or your windows. Or you can use strong adhesive to place the snowflakes on your wall.

snowflake diy

We hope that this has been a fun and easy snowflake DIY for you and your family. We’d love to see your DIY snowflake. Be sure to tag us on social media! 

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