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Halloween DIY Shade with Redi Shade

Halloween DIY Shade with Redi Shade

Halloween DIY Shade with Redi Shade

Spooky season is upon us! From kicking off this month with the release of Hocus Pocus 2 to ending it on October 31st with Halloween… we wanted to share how our shades can be used to decorate for this spooky season.

This project is for all ages and is an inexpensive way to repurpose your shades or leftover pieces. Make sure to check out the Amazon Live we did on this to see all of the steps on making a spooky shade.

Materials Needed:
Step 1:

Measure your window and cut both shades to the correct width. Then, you will want to figure out how big you want your ghost to be. This one was decided to keep on the smaller side so some stencils could be placed around it.

Step 2:

When creating your ghost, make sure to flatten the white shade as much as possible. This will make it much easier to draw and cut. This ghost was freehanded, but you can do that however you please. Once the ghost is drawn on the shade, it is time to cut.

Step 3:

After the ghost is cut out to your liking, fold it back up to re-pleat it. Lay it on the blackout shade for positioning. Make sure to match up the pleats so it can still fold nicely and look crisp when you hang it later.

Step 4:

Once it is in the desired position, cut slits in the white shade for its eyes and mouth. Diamond shaped eyes and a semi round mouth may be easiest. Also, make sure to cut slits in the blackout shade to match the eyes and mouth so that light could come through these parts to be an added effect – this part is completely optional.

Step 5:

Once everything is cut out and placed correctly, use glue dots or any glue of your preference to secure the ghost to the blackout shade. This project only used four dots – one at the top, bottom, and on each side. You can secure however you wish.

Step 6:

Now you are ready to either hang your shade or keep adding other things to it. This is where the stencils would come in. Bat stencils and a silver marker can be used to make sure they are visible on the shade. You can paint, use stickers, or other markers or even make other crafts from paper to place around your ghost. It is completely up to you!

Step 7:

Once you are ready to hang your shade, you will want to re-pleat it. Prep your surface then, follow normal installation instructions. You can then use the included clips to keep the shade at the desired length and viola! You have made and installed your own Halloween shade.

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We hope you have a spooktacular Halloween!

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