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All About Original Shades

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How to Install Original Shades

How to Install Original Shades

Trim, Peel & Stick


Need to install the shade for an outside mount?

Install these Original Shades as an outside mount by measuring above the window casing, just enough to cover the window from one side to the other. Trim the shade, then install by removing the adhesive & sticking it to the wall above the casing.

Are the shades a little rigid when pulled out of packaging?

This is completely normal. The pleats of the Original Shades may take some time to relax. To help it stretch to its longest extension, try to weigh the shade down with the plastic clips provided.

Want to paint your Original shade?

You definitely can. Most paints will adhere to the shades; however, we recommend checking with your local craft or hardware store on which type of paint is best for the material.