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Installing Original Arch Shades

Instructions, Video, Tips, & More

How to Install Original Arch Shades

How to Install Original Arch Shades

Trim, Peel & Stick


Why is the measurement scale an inch off on Arch shades?

The Original Arch measuring guide is devised to allow for an inch of space, so the shade will fit properly in the window, accommodating the bump in the middle of the arch holder.

Have an imperfect arch window?

Original Arch Shades are designed to be installed as an inside mount and are designed to fit perfect arch windows. While you may be able to cut and trim the shade for some imperfect arches, we cannot guarantee they will work for you. The general steps for Imperfect Arches: Place the Arch Shade in your window, fan open. Take a pencil and trace, on the excess material, following the curvature of the window. Remove the shade and with a sharp pair of scissors, cut off the excess material, following the traced curve. Replace the shade in the window, and mount it down to the sill.

Can I paint my shade?

Yes you can. Most paints will adhere to the shades; however, we recommend checking with your local craft or hardware store on which type of paint is best for the material.