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30 Years of Redi Shade

30 Years of Redi Shade

30 Years of Redi Shade

It’s hard to believe it’s been 30 years of Redi Shade! Time flies when you are having fun, that is for sure. 30 years later and we are still making innovative solutions and have continued to grow our Redi Shade product family with many more No Tools products.

Our story started in 1991 in California, with our famous Original Pleated Paper shades that to this day are still our top seller. We even had decorative versions of the shades back then too! At the time we had just a few dozen employees who together, would put together every order to make sure they would go out in time. Even the President at that time helped put orders together and get it all out in time to our customers.

OR designs

Over time, we have brought you different varieties of window shades. From Original Pleated Paper shades and Original Arch shades to Easy Lift shades. Then came a more customized look with Artisan Custom and Select shades. We loved making No Tools solutions so much, we decided the next step to take was branching out into other window categories and that is how Simple Slide Roller Shade Brackets came along.

We have also expanded where we sell our products. You can find them online on Amazon and other retail online stores. In-store, you can find them in Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart and many more stores. Check out our Where to Buy page.

Here is a throwback!  throwback OR

 More than anything, we just want to thank you, our customers. Without you, we wouldn’t be here today doing what we love. To 30 more years of Redi Shade! 

30 yrs of redi shade

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