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Shades For Each Room

Shades For Each Room

Shades For Each Room

Each room in your home is different – from the kitchen, to the bedrooms, to the bathrooms – each has its own unique style and feel. Your window shades should match that rooms style. Based on customer feedback, we have compiled a list of shades we think make a great fit for each room type. Mind you, these are just our recommendations, style your home to your liking. 

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Our most popular shade  when it comes to nurseries are Original Blackout Shades, definitely the way to go. These paper shades are not only certified best for kids, but also block 99% of all exterior light. Ensuring that your little one will not be woken up by the sunlight coming in through their window. Parents of newborns love these shades because not only does it help their baby stay asleep, but it also gives them the ability to get more sleep too.


For the kitchen we recommend using Easy Lift Light Filtering Pleated Shades. These shades give you privacy; but also still keep the ability to allow natural light to come into the room. We have noticed that many of our customers tend to want as much light in their kitchen as possible – both natural and indoor lighting while still getting privacy. Plus they give an elegant look, yet they are so simple. You just use the bottom rail to raise and lower your shade.

laundry room  

No one wants anyone to see their dirty laundry – literally. Original Room Darkening Shades are perfect for the laundry room. They keep most of the light out, help block the heat, and provide extreme privacy. Our laundry rooms need privacy too!


Does your bathroom have a window? It is known for being one of the most private spaces in your home – with or without a window. If you happen to have a window, we recommend using our Easy Lift Pleated Light Blocking Shades. These give your extreme privacy while also keeping most of the exterior light out. Simple raise and lower with the bottom rail and you are all set.

entry way  

Each entryway is different… Some have windows, and some do not. Some might even have arch windows while others do not. If your home’s entryway has windows, we recommend our Original Arch Shades paired with our Original Fabric Shades. There are a variety of light control options for you to pick from – all giving you plenty of privacy. The entryway gives your guest their first impression of your home, sprucing it up with some shades is the perfect touch.


The living room, home theater, gaming room – whatever you want to call it – typically have some sort of screen in them. Shades are crucial when there is a screen involved. We recommend Easy Lift Cellular Blackout Shades for these types of rooms because not only do they block the exterior light, but they also make sure there are no glares on your screens. Not only do they look good, but they also serve a purpose. Give your entertainment room the perfect cinematic feel with these blackout shades

entertainment room  

When you think of the garage, you probably do not think about it having windows…some do and some do not. If your garage happens to have windows, we recommend our Original Paper Shades. Whichever color or light control you desire. These will give you privacy and keep onlookers from peering into your space to see what is in there. It will help keep things in good condition since the shades help keep the harmful rays out.


You want your guest room to feel like a home away from home for whomever will be staying there. Adding Easy Lift Pleated Shades can help give that exact feeling. Create the perfect little spot for your guests to rest and relax while they are away from their home. These shades provide all the privacy they want, while at the same time allowing them to sleep in if they want to.

 guest room
kids room  

Original Shades are certified best for kids so it only makes sense that these would be the best fit for your kiddos rooms. We recommend our Original Pleated Paper Shades for these rooms because they are easy to use and replace (if needed). You no longer have to worry about your kids ruining your window shades or possibly hurting themselves. We have you covered. Our paper shades can even turn into a fun activity for your little ones. They can be colored – or painted (by you if you’d rather) to match your kiddos style.


The Master Bedroom is probably your most important room. It is your safe place, your cozy getaway, the place where you recharge and relax. You probably want your shades to match that feeling too. We recommend our Easy Lift Cellular Shades for this room. From light filtering to blackout, whichever light control option you decide to go with, your shades will add just the right touch to your bedroom.

master room 

We recommend Original Light Filtering Shades for your home office – or your actual office if you have windows. These help reduce glare on your screens, give plenty of privacy, but also let the natural light in throughout the day so you can have a nice and bright work space. Plus, they come in either paper or fabric so you can pick the feel of your space.

No matter the room, RS has a shade for you. Do you still need help deciding what shade to put in what room? Take this Shade Quiz to find out what shade fits best; or, feel free to reach out to us on our social media platforms and we can help recommend some shades for you.

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