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Setting Up the Ultimate Movie/Gaming Room

Setting Up the Ultimate Movie/Gaming Room

Setting Up the Ultimate Movie/Gaming Room

Are you looking into setting up the ultimate movie/gaming room, but there’s too much lighting shining through the windows in the room? We can help with that!

Our blackout shades block 99% of light (and UV rays while they are at it) making them the perfect pick for your movie or game room. Better yet, they are completely cordless, require no tools to install, and are up in seconds!

Blackout Shades We Offer: 

– Original Paper Blackout Shades: For an inexpensive option check out our Original shades. We make these in Northern California from recyclable paper. These shades are a quick and easy three steps to install— no tools needed. You can use clips to raise and lower them…but we doubt you’ll want to in your new movie/gaming space.

– Easy Lift Cellular Blackout Shades: Easy Lift cellular blackout shades shades allow you to trim at home and install in seconds, without tools needed. These shades provide a modern touch while an affordable price point. Added bonus — they block sunlight and UV to help keep rooms cooler in summer months and extreme temperatures.

A Few Other Cool Ideas For Movie/Gaming Rooms: 

– Look into getting some acoustic panels. They help keep noise from echoing and they help reduce outside noise. 

– Add some cool decor to go with the theme of your room. Movie room: popcorn maker, sconce lights, your fav movie posters. Game Room: this is your space, decorate it with posters, a wall with all your go to games on display, and fun LED lighting.

– Comfy seating is key to these kind of rooms. You’ll want seating that you can lay back, relax and play your favorite video game or binge watch your top 5 movies. 

– Keep a scoreboard for your game room to keep up with fun and friendly competition.

– Good speakers will go a long way for either room!

– Little short on space for all the great ideas you have for the room? Go for multi-purpose furniture. Like a pool table that converts into the perfect board game table.

 setting up the ultimate movie room

setting up the ultimate gaming room

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