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New Years DIY Shade

New Years DIY Shade

New Years DIY Shade

Ring in the new year by crafting a New Years themed window shade! This is a great way to add some themed decor to your home for the holiday and a fun activity to do with family and friends in just 3 easy steps.  

This DIY project features our new Original Printed Blackout Galaxy Shade. Check out our website for a selection of different prints - perfect for a fun and creative touch to your kids' rooms or other spaces in your home.  

Materials Needed:

      - Original Galaxy Printed Shade or Original Blackout Shade

      - Original Shades scraps

      - Tape

      - Spray paint & glitter (optional)

Step 1:

Create New Years Eve fireworks by taking 3-5 Original Shade scraps and use tape to connect the shades ends into a circle. You have the option of painting the shades to the colors of your liking and adding glitter for a fun twist.  

Step 2: 

Secure the circles onto the shade with tape or glue. 

Step 3: 

After adding and securing your desired amount of fireworks, hang up the shade on your window. Prep your surface and follow normal installation instructions. You can then use the included clips to keep the shade at a desired length.

new years diy  

In these three easy steps, you have made and installed your own New Years themed-shade. We hope you have a happy New Year!

Here's to 2024!

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