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Dreaming of Sleep: 3 Tips for a Better Night's Sleep Tonight

Dreaming of Sleep: 3 Tips for a Better Night's Sleep Tonight

Dreaming of Sleep: 3 Tips for a Better Night's Sleep Tonight

Imagine your perfect night’s sleep. A quiet room. Your bed just waiting for you. The end of the day lifts from your shoulders as you close your eyes and drift away.

And then, the neighbors drive by and beam you straight in the face with their headlights. Hey, looks like they finally got the street light working again. Isn’t that a full moon? That little green light on your computer monitor sure seems bright. Sigh. You were so close.

You’ve read the studies saying that total darkness is the best thing for us when we go to sleep. We fall asleep faster and wake up less often in the dark. The National Sleep Foundation says that light is the most powerful regulator of our biological clock. In fact, you’re more likely to get depressed without total darkness during your sleep cycle. It’s not just frustrating when light keeps us from getting that rest we need-it’s a serious health concern.

Here are a few tips that can help you find the sleep you’ve been dreaming about


About an hour before you turn in, turn off. Turn off the tv, your computer, your phone and dim the lights in the bedroom. Make sure there are no glowing devices in the room, like surge protectors with LED controls, or alarm clocks. Consider taking your tv out of the bedroom completely-it’s a powerful temptation to burn the midnight oil with a Netflix binge and miss out on your z’s.


Make sure the outside world stays…outside. Close the curtains, or even better, lower your blackout shades. They block 99% of intruding light and are the best way to ensure wonderful, sleep inducing darkness.


Celebrate the recharging mood boost that only sleep can give you. Make your bedroom a retreat you can’t wait to return to. Invest in some comfortable bedding and a pillow that feels just right. Paint the walls in cool colors to help create a calm space. Pale blues and deep greens will help you disconnect and unwind.

So go ahead-turn off the tv (Walking Dead will still be there in the morning), lower the shades and slip into bed. Your perfect night’s sleep doesn’t have to be just a dream.