Redi Shade is committed to not only going green, but staying that way. That's why all of our products are designed and manufactured with sustainability in mind.

original shade

Original Shades

Redi Shade's are almost completely recyclable. The paper for Original shades comes from the Forest Stewardship Council
 and contains up to 10% post consumer waste. The only part of the shade the you can’t recycle is the installation adhesive; just tear that portion off and recycle the rest!

Original shade clips can be reused around the house for sealing snack bags or making crafts.


Wait, don’t toss the bubble wrap that comes in your package reuse it for kid-friendly projects.

Our suppliers for corrugate (the boxes for your shades) are certified members of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition and Forest Stewardship Council
 / Sustainable Forest Initiative.  All corrugate packaging includes up to 33% post-consumer waste and is 100% recyclable in standard recycling.
 All the poly bags for our shades are fully recyclable as well.

Head here for more tips on reducing, reusing and recycling.