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Do you remember 1991? Bush and Quayle were in the White House and the Soviet Union was breaking up. Dances with Wolves was in theaters and Nirvana was bringing Grunge to the masses. In northern California, we started making window shades.

We noticed that there wasn’t a lot to choose from between taping up newspaper over your window, or spending a lot of time and money on blinds. So we created a smart, simple paper shade that needed no tools to install and was up within minutes.

25 years later we are still making this same innovative solution. Our Redi Shade product family has continued to grow and today we offer even more smart choices -all with that same simple genius.

Many of us who started back in 1991 are still here at the Redi Shade factory in California. We love our jobs and take pride in making window treatments that work in any situation.

From bare windows in a new home, to privacy and UV protection, a better night’s sleep or a new look-we’ve got you covered.

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DIY, No Tools Installation

Temporary to fully custom. Paper to artisan fabric. Quick fix to fashionable fixture. Redi Shade helps you make the smartest choice for your window coverings by providing a full range of high-quality options — all with a no-tools approach to installation.

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We stand behind our products. We know you’ll find the look you want with our quality fabrics, construction, and exclusive No Tools installation. We also know sometimes things go wrong. If you aren’t happy with your shades, please let us know – we will run through a brick wall to make things right.

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