FAQ: What can I do to remove adhesive residue if that should occur?

○      If residue is sticky, try rolling off the residue using your fingers.

○      If the first technique does not work, apply rubbing alcohol/hydrogen peroxide to residue and let sit for 10 minutes. Next, with a putty knife or spatula, remove residue gently to avoid damage to your window or frame.

○      If the first two suggestions do not work, use Goo Gone (found in many hardware stores). Apply Goo Gone directly to residue with soft pad (folded cloth or paper towel). Let soak for 10 minutes. Then, with a putty knife or spatula remove residue. Use a gentle touch to avoid damage to window or frame.

■      Note: Plain white paper towels are recommended, due to the transferring of ink that may occur from using printed towels.