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10 Ideas To Keep You Entertained During Quarantine

10 Ideas To Keep You Entertained During Quarantine

10 Ideas To Keep You Entertained During Quarantine

Getting a little bored being quarantined? Now that social distancing guidelines have been extended by 30 more days, we have to find ways to keep busy. Try these 10 ideas to keep you entertained during quarantine.

1. Use Original Paper Shades to keep your kido’s busy. Just flatten out the shade, hand them some coloring utensils, and let them go nuts! Then you can re-fold each pleat and use it as a shade in their room or cut it into fans for the warm weather coming up. Guaranteed fun!
shade drawing 

2. Make sure to get lots of outdoor time. Although we should stay home, we can still enjoy being outside and getting some fresh air.

3. Read that book you’ve had aside for so long that you never get the chance to read.

4. Be one with the plants. Plant a garden or flowers and watch them grow and bloom.

5. If your kids haven’t been much help around the house, this is a good time to teach them! Download a template, you can find a bunch on Pinterest.

6. 30 day challenge yourself! You can find many workout challenges with a simple google search!

7. Make a fun and goofy home video with the family! Give Tik Tok a try as it has been really popular and you can make a bunch of small videos and share with the world.

8. Check on your older neighbors (maybe with a phone call) and give them a hand where you can. Although we are practicing social distancing, we should be more united than ever.

original shades  
9. Masks are running low and it’s so hard to find them anywhere. Try making your own masks with our Original fabric shades!
10. Get some headbands and sew a button to each side of the headbands. It will provide a place for the bands on the masks to attach to. Drop them off at your local hospital or ship it to them. This just makes life a little easier for our doctors and nurses who are working extremely hard for us.
headband for mask 
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