Artisan Custom Shades | Energy Efficiency

When fully closed, the honeycomb cellular construction of Artisan Custom cellular shades helps to control the temperature of a room by either keeping warm or cool air out, or locking warm or cool air in. They also keep a room cooler by blocking harsh sunlight during summer months. Artisan Custom shades trap harmful UV rays, keeping them out of your room and protecting the interior of your home from sun fading. 


UV Protection

Keeping your shade closed on hot sunny days helps block harmful UV rays, protecting the interior of your home from sun fading.

Blocking UV Rays:

  • Glare Reducing Glare Reducing 93-96%
  • Light Filtering Light Filtering 96-98%
  • Blackout Blackout 99%

    artisan shade



    R Value

    The insulating power of a material is expressed as an R-Value. The higher the R-Value, the greater the insulation, and the better the energy efficiency.

    Energy Efficient R-Values:

    • Glare Reducing Glare Reducing 0.7 - 2.8
    • Light Filtering Light Filtering 3.4 - 3.6
    • Blackout Blackout 4.3

    artisan shade