Artisan Select Shades | No Tools Installation

Step by Step Inside Mount
No Tools Installation for Artisan Select Shades Featuring Simple Fit

Before Starting: Double Check

Check for a proper fit by holding shade in the window location for mounting. The Trigger End Mount should be on the right side of your shade.


Step 1:

  • Peel the tape liner from each Mounting Plate.
  • Place the Fixed End Mount of the shade in the window frame then raise and place the Trigger End Mount in to position.
push button install

Step 2:

Lock your shade in place by pressing the Trigger inward with a light touch.

Check to ensure a red warning line is not visible on Trigger End side of shade. If warning line is visible, remove and reinstall with a Spacer. Head to the FAQ for steps on how to do this. After reinstallation, if the warning line continues to be visible, please contact us.

For outside mount installation, removal, questions or to troubleshoot head over to our FAQ, give us a call
1-888-608-6611 or Live Chat.