Easy Lift Shades | No Tools Installation

Step by Step Measure & No Tools Installation for Easy Lift Shades

Measure Window:

Measure Window

Using a tape measure for each window measure the window width in 3 locations. Use the smallest measurement.

Install Shade:


Step 1: Trim

  • Remove bottom rail end caps.
  • Place cutting guide at exact desired width. (No clearance deduction needed; it’s already included).
  • Position the knife blade at an angle on the top of the shade at your exact measurement.
  • Press firmly cutting through rails and fabric with a rocking motion and constant pressure.
  • Trim each side of the shade to the same exact window measurement.
  • Replace end caps on bottom rail.

Head to the installation guide for more photos and videos.


Step 2: Peel

Peel the liner.

install stick 

Step 3: Stick

Press firmly across width of shade to install it.



Raise & Lower Shade

Pull shade down to lower, push up to raise.

For outside mount measurement and installation, removal, questions, or troubleshooting head over to our FAQ, give us a call 1-888-608-6611 or Live Chat.