Original Arch Shades | No Tools Installation

Step by Step Measure & No Tools Installation for Arch Shades

Measure Window:

Measure WindowOriginal Arch Shades are designed to be installed an inside mount and are designed to fit a perfect ½ round circle.

First check that the base of your window is a minimum depth of 1.5” to support the Arch Shade.

Next measure both the inside center height of the arched window, as well as the base of the window frame.  

The height or radius can be found by measuring from the base midpoint (or center) to the highest point of the arch.

To get the width or diameter, measure inside left to inside right of the window frame.

If you have elliptical shaped windows, please contact us for suggestions.

Install Shade:


Step 1: Trim

Trim the ends of your shade to fit the window using a knife.


Step 2: Peel

Peel the liner.

install stick 

Step 3: Stick

Place the shade into the arch holder, then into your window frame. Fan the Original Arch Shade open and position in the window, then stick the shade inside your window frame. Using both hands, press firmly along the bottom pleats.

For outside mount measurement and installation, removal, questions, or troubleshooting head over to our FAQ, give us a call 1-888-608-6611 or Live Chat.